Breathwork Programme for Educators and Students


My range of breathwork workshops provides the opportunity to share scientifically validated breathing techniques aimed at nurturing the health and wellbeing of Educators and Students.  Tailored to the needs of each audience, the workshops will involve the right mix of scientific and practical content to empower every attendee –  from 4 years upwards – to harness the transformative power of correct breathing. Unlocking a a cascade of wellbeing benefits (mental, physical, and emotional) for life.

Educators and Support Staff

Support the wellbeing of your staff through a 1.5-hour workshop. That can be run either as a twilight session or as part of an inset training day.

Providing essential scientific content before getting practical, this session will give you a real appreciation of the importance of utilizing breath to improve your overall health and wellbeing. In addition to teaching you practical breathing techniques to use, which you can immediately put into practice.

A 1-hour session is recommended as a follow-up to the initial training. This session will provide a recap of different techniques, and address any further questions, helping staff to hone their breathing techniques to maximize the benefits.

My sleep has improved after just one night practising your breathing technique!  Schools Sports Lead



Breathwork can be a game-changer for your students. Setting them up for a lifetime of resilience and wellbeing. By introducing breathwork, your students can:

  • Form lasting, functional breathing habits.
  • Cultivate valuable tools to navigate future stress and challenges.
  • Enhance emotional regulation and focus.
  • Boost overall mental and physical health.

I can offer bespoke workshops, designed for the needs of your students.  From running small tailored workshops to help those Students suffering from anxiety.  To offering workshops to inform and educate students about the importance of breathwork. Before demonstrating and getting them to practice some key scientifically proven breath work techniques. Giving the student tools they can have in their lockers, for when they face periods of pressure in their life, such as exams, transitions.



Parents / Caregivers

The toll of stress and trauma on parents, families, and caregivers, supporting children with anxiety, challenging behaviour or neurodivergent can often be overlooked. Hosting a workshop for these caregivers and other family members, can equip them with skills to optimize their breath and utilize it to take control of their own health: mentally, physically, and emotionally. In addition to giving them skills they can share and use to support their child(ren).

These workshops can be run as a one-off or over several weeks, either face to face or online depending on the wishes of your Parents/Caregivers.

Contact me to discuss your schools wellbeing plans and requirements.