About Kim

I am one of life’s constant learners and am curious and inquisitive about all things that make us tick. As an Osteopath and Breathwork Coach, supporting and accompanying individuals on their path to greater health has been my motivation.

In my own life as well as the lives of my clients I have seen how stress and trauma can be so detrimental to our health and our ability to live and enjoy life in the present. Looking at ways to counter stress has been a large part of my personal journey and led me to many of my professional insights.

My ethos is one of empathy, compassion, treating everyone as an individual, and giving each person’s story the attention it deserves.

I live life to the full and enjoy being in the water, in nature, and with friends and family. Coffee and chocolate are daily essentials.


Kim Prichard Osteopath and Breathwork Coach

Kim Prichard


Who I Treat

I treat people from 0 -100 years!

I love treating babies, children, teenagers, young and old adults, pregnant women, and those with physical or emotional challenges.

Nearly all my clients come to me by word-of-mouth recommendation, and I often end up treating whole families. If you’d like to discuss whether treatment would be suitable for you, I am very happy to talk on the phone before you make an appointment.